I have been practicing veterinary medicine since 1997 and it is truly what I love. My life has been improved through the love of dogs and the disdain of many a cat. Each of them has touched me in ways that I could never explain as they have managed to leave their paw prints on my heart. As a pet owner myself, I understand the very important role that they each play in our lives as well as how important we are to them.

I have worked in various veterinary hospitals over the years where I gained a wide array of medical experience and I have taken extra certification courses in Canine Physical Rehabilitation (CCRP) and Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (CHPV). In October of 2012 I knew that I needed a change. I wanted to spend more time with each individual patient and focus on the family unit as a whole so I established Caledon-Vaughan Veterinary House Call Services where I could visit each pet and their family in their own home environments.

My passion is helping you to work through all of the variables to make the decisions that work best for your pet, yourself and your family. Even as a veterinarian with extensive training and knowledge it is still difficult to make important medical decisions for my own pets when emotions are involved so I know how important it is to have professionals to guide you. I want to help you to provide the best possible quality of life for your pets right up until their very last days.

You are your pet’s champion and protector and more than anything I want you to know that you are worthy of this role. I want to be there to guide you as you make the most difficult decisions we as pet owners all inevitably face.

Preferred Pronouns: She, Her