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The Case of the Missing Teeth

February is Veterinary Dental Health Month. A month to highlight the importance of dental health in our pets and especially our seniors. Read about Lela and her dental health journey.

A New Year, A New Dog (Weight Loss Resolution)

Have your pets made any Resolutions for the New Year? I think that Daisy’s is to get even more cuddles than last year, and Sprocket? Well, he hasn’t let me know but I’m hoping that it’s to eat less socks and other odd things. It's not unusual for resolutions to be about becoming healthier and [...]

Mobile Veterinary Service, What’s that?

Most people understand what a veterinary hospital or clinic is but when we tell people that we are a mobile veterinary service we often get a look of confusion. We have been asked if we do emergencies only or if we drive around in a trailer, with a mobile hospital. Although these types of [...]