Dysecdysis or Improper Reptile Shedding

This week I saw a young Bearded Dragon who had lost a piece of his tail. When I first saw him, the damaged portion of his tail was just hanging on and the new tip was exposed. Many things can result in tail injuries in reptiles. These include things such as: Accidental Trauma (Getting caught [...]


I have been asked to write a little bit about a condition called polycythemia. This is a condition of red blood cells. If we break down the word we can find the definition of the condition. Poly = Many Cyt = Cell Heme = blood. Literally polycythemia is a condition in which there are [...]

Diabetes Mellitus in Cats and Dogs

Most of us know at least a little bit about Diabetes Mellitus in humans but did you know that cats and dogs can develop Diabetes Mellitus as well? Diabetes Mellitus is a disease in which the pancreas does not produce enough insulin and it affects cats and dogs as well as humans. When there [...]

Dermatitis or The Itchy Dog

As the weather becomes colder here in Southern Ontario I am seeing fewer itchy dogs, however there are those who do not find relief from this annual freeze. The itchy dog is one of the most frustrating types of patients in my profession. The dog is uncomfortable and finds it hard to find relief [...]

Food Allergies in Pets

One of the causes of dermatitis, or an itchy dog can be a food allergy or sensitivity. We dont know why some dogs react to foods while others dont but when they do it can cause quite a bit of discomfort. Food should be harmless but for unknown reasons some dogs will react to [...]

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