Please be patient with your puppy. Some puppies are very quick about house training and you may have very few accidents in your house at all. I have even had clients claim that their puppies have not had any accidents in the house. Please be aware that this is not the norm. House Training will take time and patience. Expect accidents. Do not discipline your puppy for them. They need to learn where it is appropriate to potty. If they are disciplined, they may think that you do not want them to potty at all and they may hide it. Never yell at your puppy, rub their nose in it, or hit them with anything! When your puppy has an accident, clean it up with a non-ammonia-based cleanser (Ammonia may encourage marking) and move on. Do keep track of the time of day that the accident occurred and more importantly, how long it was after they ate or drank. Keep track of these times and use them to know when it’s best to try to take your pet to it’s potty area.


Whether you take your dog outside, use litter or pee pads, take your pet to the expected areas frequently. When your puppy does what is expected, reward this behaviour. (I like to throw a party!) If you are crate training, take your puppy to this area each time it leaves the crate. If it is “potty time” and your puppy doesn’t potty put him back in the crate with an appropriate toy and try again in 10 minutes. Repeat this until they go and you can reward them. If they don’t make it and goes in an inappropriate area, clean it up and move on.