The skin of dogs is different than ours. It is thinner and has a different pH, so only shampoos created specifically for dogs should be used for bathing. You can bathe your dog at home but this should not be done more frequently than every 4-6 weeks or so. More frequent baths can cause damage to your dog’s sensitive skin. Having said that, puppies tend to get dirty and will require spot baths more frequently. It is better to bathe a heavily soiled dog than to wait for the 6 weeks to pass.

Most dogs require daily brushing. A groomer will let you know how frequently your particular breed of dog should be professionally groomed.

Grooming for cats can look a little different depending on the breed and personality of the cat. Whether it’s brushing or baths, cats may give you a hard time but with some training and patience, it is achievable. Fortunately, there are two options for brushing. In general, I recommend brushing your cat but this is particularly important for long-haired cats. If your cat doesn’t respond well to a normal brush, there are mittens you can buy that you wear while petting them. This may be very helpful for the more stubborn cats that don’t like a normal brush.