As a veterinarian, I appreciate a well-trained dog who has manners and is well controlled by their owner. It makes my job easier.

Although it is possible to train a dog yourself at home or to have a professional trainer come to the home I always recommend puppy classes. These classes can train you as well as your dog. The trainer may pick out things you haven’t noticed and force you to practice in class.

Another very important aspect of puppy classes is socialization. Your puppy learns how to behave around other puppies and people in a safe environment. It is not recommended that you take your dog around unvaccinated adult dogs or puppies before most of their puppy vaccines are complete and their immune system is strong enough. Puppy classes will ensure that all pets are vaccinated and dewormed to give your puppy a great opportunity to socialize. Your puppy will also learn to listen to you with all kinds of distractions around.

Not only can you train dogs but a well-mannered cat can make a difference in a vet appointment. Training can look different from cat to cat. For example, I’ve seen cats that are trained to sit on command or walk on a leash. These kinds of activities are both helpful as well as fun for your cat, especially when there are rewards involved.

We are lucky to have some great trainers in the area.