We are missing our patients at this time of Social Distancing. We had made the difficult decision to stop house calls for the time being and yesterday our provincial government has asked that veterinary stop all in person services except for those which are urgent. Scheduling only urgent house calls is not realistic for us, but we are still available.

We want to make this clear. Although we are not making home visits Dr. Henderson is still available!  She is offering advice and support through video-conferencing.  (Download the VetNOW app)  This is allowable within the provincial essential business model.  

If you are not familiar or comfortable with video-conferencing she is also only a phone call away.   We will still ship or drop off your medications.  Pet food and supplies can be purchased and delivered to your door through our webstore as always. 

In the event that we can not help you through Video-conferencing we will direct you to an appropriate clinic that can help you.  Please be advised that the clinics we refer to are working on a locked door, curb side policy where you stay in your car and call the clinic from the parking lot.  Staff will then direct you of the next steps, which often involve a team member coming to get your pet while you stay in your car.  

An Important Note about Parasite Prevention

Unfortunately, ticks, fleas and other parasites will not be self-isolating during this time so if your pet is still going outside (even in the backyard) we recommend that they start on parasite prevention.  This is particularly important this year as obtaining treatment for parasite borne infections may be more difficult.  We encourage you to contact us to have your parasite prevention sent to you as soon as possible.  

An Important Note about Annual Exams and Vaccinations

If your pet is due or overdue for their annual examination or vaccinations please do not panic.  These vaccinations are meant to protect you and your pet but at this time it has been determined that the risk of COVID-19 is higher.  We do urge you to take precautions to decrease the risk of your pet contracting these diseases until we are able to perform vaccines again.  

Keep your pet inside as much as possible.
Do not allow your pet to go outside alone
Avoid contact with other animals, including pets and wildlife
Prevent your pet from eating and drinking things found outside. 
Wipe your pets paws when you come in (AND THEN WASH YOUR HANDS)
Do not allow others to pet your pet for the time being 
Basically have your pet practice Social Distancing and Good Hygiene as well.

We are still able to do a virtual annual consult to address your concerns.  Just call us to book a time.  

We will keep track of everyone who is overdue and will contact you when we are once again available to provide preventative and routine care.  

An Important Note about the Webstore

Due to hoarding of food and supplies the webstore has had some delays in delivery.  We ask that you only order what you need but consider ordering a week or more in advance of when you need it.  

We miss you all and are thinking of you during this time.  Give your pets some extra love from us and reach out with any questions or concerns at all.  

Dr. Janet Henderson