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What to Expect at your Appointment

Welcome.  We’re so glad that you found us.  Whether you’re looking for routine mobile services, specialized geriatric care, or in-home euthanasia we are here to help. 

Initial Contact: 

You can call us, e-mail or hit the contact us now button and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  

Your initial contact will include an introduction to ensure that we are the right fit for your needs.  We offer a variety services in your home, where you and your pet are most comfortable.  

Booking an Appointment: 

We will set up a convenient time to go meet you and your pet for the first time.  We will need some information from you to set up a file and once the appointment is made we will send you an e-mail confirmation so you can add it to your calendar.  We will let you know how much time we will need for the type of appointment you’ve made.  Appointment times can range from 1-2 hours.  

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On the day of the appointment we will come to you with everything that we need.  However, if your pet is anxious it may be best to confine him/her in a small room which is difficult to hide in or on a leash.  We can work where it is most convenient to you.  We are often on the floor, or a chair or sofa but some pet families prefer to prepare a table.  You can let us know what would work best for your pet.  If your pet has a special toy, bed or blanket that comforts them be sure that it is close by for the appointment. 

The Appointment: 

We come to your home as a team of a veterinarian and an assistant.  We realize that  your pets will consider us strangers and may be anxious about that, so we want to take our time to settle in and get to know you before we examine them  This helps them to relax and realize that we are not a threat.  We will talk to you, asking questions to get to know more about your pets and their histories. During this time the assistant may prepare our tools and offer treats to your pet, reinforcing the experience as positive.  

The next steps depend on the type of appointment that is booked.  For general appointments the doctor will perform a full examination on your pet from head to tail.  She will look in his mouth, his eyes, his ears and check his fur.  She will listen to his heart and lungs and feel inside of his belly.  She will also check his muscles and nerve responses. Temperature and blood pressure are usually taken at this time as well.  

If your pet requires vaccines, testing or procedures, these will be performed after the examination.  

We will leave you with any appropriate paperwork and will take lab samples with us for the lab.  We will contact you with results within 12-72 for most tests.  If your pet requires medication we can prescribe it right away and prescription foods are delivered directly to your door from our on-line store.  

You can find more detailed information on other types of appointments by clicking on your pet’s appointment type.  



We accept payment at the time of service in the form of cash, Visa or Mastercard.  Please ask for an estimate or quote at any time.  


We follow-up with all appointments to check for any issues or problems but we also request that you let us know of any concerns as soon as possible.  

It is our pleasure to work with you to care for your pet’s medical needs.  



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