Establishing a Routine with your Pet

Establishing a Routine Set specific times of the day for each activity to take place. 1. Feeding 2. Allow your pet to go potty immediately after eating and on a routine basis (If you keep track of accidents in a log you will be better able to judge when you should try to take [...]

Chewing and Toys

Chewing and Toys Normal dog behaviour includes chewing. This behaviour is magnified in puppies but will continue through the life of your dog. It is important to supply your dog with the appropriate toys for chewing. There are so many of these toys on the market that it can be difficult to know which ones [...]

What Should I Expect the First Few Days?

It is important to remember that Puppies are new to this world. Almost everything that they are experiencing, they are experiencing for the first time. For this reason, it is important to expose them to new things with a positive attitude. When you bring your new puppy home, make sure that it is not too [...]

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Nipping?

How Do I Stop My Puppy From Nipping? Nipping or biting is normal behaviour for puppies. They are exploring their worlds with their mouths and in a litter of puppies it is normal for them to nip at each other. However, in a human family this is not acceptable and so it is your job [...]

Puppy Proofing

Remember that puppies are baby dogs so you do need to puppy-proof your house, just as you would baby-proof for a new baby. Small puppies may not be able to go up and down stairs initially, so be sure to block access until they are sure-footed. Puppies put everything in their mouths. Ensure that [...]

Congratulations on your New Puppy!

A puppy can be an exciting addition to any family, but they are also a lot of work so we have compiled some information to make the transition a little smoother. If you don’t have your puppy yet here is a list of things you might want to think about before you bring one home: [...]

Nutrition and Your Pet – Responsible Pet Ownership

Some Risks of Poor Nutrition Diabetes, kidney disease, osteoarthritis, bladder stones - no, these aren’t illnesses that only humans experience, they’re also some of the negative consequences of obesity in pets. And just like with human health, they can sadly also shorten a pet’s lifespan. Proper nutrition and exercise are important steps to prevent excessive [...]

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