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  • Mobile Veterinary Service, What's that?
    https://cvhousevet.home.blog/2019/11/06/welcome-to-my-blog/ Most people understand what a veterinary hospital or clinic is but when we tell people that we are a mobile veterinary service we often get a look of confusion. We Read more
  • Dysecdysis or Improper Reptile Shedding
    This week I saw a young Bearded Dragon who had lost a piece of his tail. When I first saw him, the damaged portion of his tail was just hanging Read more
  • Dangers of Obesity and Excess Weight in Pets
    According to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association 35% of pets were considered overweight in 2005.  This is definitely a cause for concern.  Just as in humans, that excess weight can Read more
    I have been asked to write a little bit about a condition called polycythemia. This is a condition of red blood cells. If we break down the word we can Read more
  • Diabetes Mellitus in Cats and Dogs
    Diabetes Mellitus in Cats and Dogs  Most of us know at least a little bit about Diabetes Mellitus in humans but did you know that cats and dogs can develop Diabetes Read more


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